What is the Best Type of Online Poker?

Which Online Poker is the Best?

Is there a score to settle amongst the many different poker games you can find online? In this review of online poker, we look at the questions raised by players that are looking to find the ultimate poker game online. So, which online poker is the best? Getting to the answer isn’t simple as there are many underlying factors, the best in the sense of gameplay and entertainment and the best in terms of which poker game is most likely to make you richer quicker. The latter is most likely the one answer most players are looking to seeing as gambling online is about the end result and that’s to make money.

To be able to learn how the results come about and to experience the game yourself, you need to align with a casino that allows for players to enjoy all forms of poker online and you can get the best casino options from this site. The casinos here provide players with live casino games and virtual tables. You will have the best of both worlds because not every online operator in the gambling industry houses everything, so your options are narrowed to the few that do.

The casinos are not only selected for their complete poker catalogue but because they are those which are licensed under South African law and are legitimate sites offering security and real ZAR payments. The games within do also have regulatory approval, having been checked and tested to see if they are fair and have been passed by the independent regulators. Simply, you get all you need in every sense with these recommended casino options.

Variant of the Poker Game Online

In deciding which poker game online is the best, you have to be fully aware of the options that the game provides. Poker is a simple game to play but it has been twisted and turned into many variations that are both playable as a virtual game and a live one. In the many forms of poker found online amongst them you can get Tri-Card Poker, VIP Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Casino Hold ’Em, Let ‘Em Ride and Caribbean Stud Poker. All essentially using the same poker rules but fascinatingly played within their new gaming boundaries.

The games of choice do not end here, the variants take another twist with the much popular form of Video Poker. Video Poker is played like a slot, the card game is taken away from its virtual table and placed into an arcade machine. With this, your options include games like Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild.

If these are all new to you and you had no idea that poker could cover so much ground, then you can learn to play these games by clicking on our links to access demo formats of all the poker games available online which are used by South Africa’s top casinos.

So, which is the better poker game to win money from? The answer is easy, they are all the same! Now, you might be thinking this is a bit of a cop-out answer, but it comes down to one simple reason and fact. They are all made the same way. Every virtual game is built using the same algorithms, so your chances of winning from Pai Gow poker is exactly the same as it would be if you played the Video Poker game of Deuces Wild.

So, this raised a further question, is it better to play virtual games or live poker games?

Is It Better to Play Live Poker or Do Virtual Games Rule?

When you enter a live casino lobby, you are there to experience something completely different, you are playing games at the highest levels that are possible with a casino. And this is our argument for why playing online poker is better than the virtual tables. When it comes to live poker, there is a greater sense of the game being fairer. There is no software, it’s a real table using real cards all hosted by a live dealer, that is all. Virtual games are programs, programs that have to be coded to know what fair is and to try and generate random chances. On a playing level and psychological level, players find it better to play knowing the outcome was luck, rather than thinking the software has cheated them. Now, this said, all the software is checked and is fair, but humans being humans, the brain can’t help but to think and see in the worst of things.

Other factors come into play also, the variety of live games, the aesthetics of playing live, the immersive qualities of playing live and the fact that if you want to play poker, you want as real as you can get online, adding to the fact you can also play tournaments within this format.

Are we right or are we wrong? Try yourself and see if you prefer one or the other. Head to any of the links you see to help you get a step closer to the best of poker that’s found online.